Smartfresh® —— long life anti-bacterial

Smartfresh® —— long life anti-bacterial

In order to deliver a higher level of cleanliness in support of sleep health, Smartfresh® collection are designed to protect the sleeping environment from the growth of bacteria and fungi. The anti-microbial effect needs to be tough to withstand industrial dyeing and finishing and extensive home or hospital laundering. In achieving so, two solutions has been given out for you:

Amicor intelligent fiber + Sanitized hygiene function

Due to the unique fiber structure, the additives are diffused slowly - providing long lasting protection inside beds. Guaranteed up to 100-washes or more than 5 years durability.
Amicor fiber delivers anti-microbial additives in the most safe and effective way. The additives are added to the liquid polymer before the fibers are fully formed, which means that 99.5% of the additive is inside the fiber structure - not just on the surface of the fiber. As the additives are washed and worn away, the fiber structure allows for replacement by slowly diffusing more additive to the fiber surface, thereby maintaining constant activity. 

Copper infused bedding

Permanently infused copper inhibit all bacterial that cause odors.

Copper, as a magical mineral, carries a positive ion that is attracted to bacteria – killing it before it can reproduce. Because it’s also an amazing conductor of heat, it helps keep sleep environments cool by drawing heat away from the body. Our Copper collection is infused with copper to deliver cool, clean and more healthful sleep.

Hot New Release — Medical Sheet Set

Used in hospital beds and accompanying beds to effectively organize the invasion and cross infection of germs.