Cooling Dog Mat

Give your dog a comfortable sleeping environment and grow up happily with you.

Disposable Multi-layer Waterproof Nursing Bed Sheet

Designed for the elderly and patients with mobility impairments. Compared with a small piece of nursing pad (incontinence pad), the bed sheet preserve the dignity of the patient. This is often easily overlooked.

Eye Mask Set

Soft texture, Block out light, Reduce interference, Decrease sleep creases, Anti bacteria, Improve your sleep, Machine washable

Waterproof Duvet Cover

Waterproof, Silky, Anti dust mite, Washable

Medical Transfer Belt

Easy to use, With a variety of flexible uses, Fold at will, easy to carry.

Waterproof Adult Bib

called clothing protectors or adult mealtime protectors, can be a valuable addition to a caregiver’s mealtime regimen.

Medical Draw Sheet

make operator feels convenient, labor-saving, time-saving and safe. change the bed shee,keep the bed clean.

Waterproof Bath Apron

keep dry, breathable, tear resistant, blood proof, waterproof, oil proof, has the isolation effect to the dust, soft, has no stimulation to the skin.

Protective Clothing

waterproof, breathable, disposable, soft, anti-dust

Economy hospital sheet

breathable, smoothly, reusable, washable

Hot New Release — Medical Sheet Set

Used in hospital beds and accompanying beds to effectively organize the invasion and cross infection of germs.