Spring Group Donates Supplies Urgently to The Disaster Areas

Recently, under the ravages of heavy rainfall, geological disasters such as road collapse and landslides occurred in many places in Huizhou District, Huangshan City, it posing a serious threat to the lives and safety of local residents. At this difficult time, cold-resistant materials become the key to ensuring the warmth of the affected people.


The Spring Group cares about the disaster-stricken areas. After hearing about the needs of the disaster areas, it took quick action and rushed to produce 300 sets of quilts overnight. Then we send them to the disaster area to help the affected people overcome the difficulties.

The head of the group said: "After learning about the situation in the disaster area, we organized production immediately and delivered the duvet to the the disaster area in the shortest time. I hope our donation can provide warmness to the affected people." The production manager said: "Our company's export tasks are very busy now, but it is our duty to rush to work for the people of our hometown, and I feel particularly proud!"


Spring Group has demonstrated its corporate social responsibility and commitment with practical actions. We also look forward to more forces coming together to help the disaster-stricken areas overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes.

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