What Is Automatic Storage System?

Automatic Storage System is the process of automating the movement of inventory into, within, and out of warehouses to customers with minimal human assistance. As part of an automation project, a business can eliminate labor-intensive duties that involve repetitive physical work and manual data entry and analysis.

For example, a warehouse worker may load an autonomous mobile robot with heavy packages. The robot moves the inventory from one end of the warehouse to the shipping zone and software records the movement of that inventory, keeping all records current. These robots improve the efficiency, speed, reliability and accuracy of this task.

Warehouse automation does not require physical or robotic automation, and in many cases simply refers to the use of software to replace manual tasks. This scenario illustrates how robots and humans work together to accomplish repetitive tasks while minimizing fatigue and injury.

Now, Star Home Textiles' warehouses covered 70% of automatic storage, and are expected to achieve 90% coverage by the end of this year. It will make our products and businesses more dynamic.

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