AGV Warehouse of Spring Group

With the increase of orders, the demand for material flow and storage management has also greatly increased. We have also paid more attention to the three-dimensional storage and automated handling in the field. In order to relieve the pressure of warehouse management, Spring Group installed AGV equipment in 2020.

Automated three-dimensional warehousing is also called high-level shelf warehousing, which realizes goods in and out of the warehouse by means of mechanical facilities and computer control systems. We use AGV to achieve intensive storage and make full use of the 8-meter-high storage space. The AGV equipment management software controls the AGV to go back and forth between the shelf and the processing table after querying the task instructions, and the on-board robotic arm cooperates with the stacker to complete the materials and products Transportation and access tasks. In terms of storage methods, the automatic three-dimensional warehouse adopts lane stackers to meet the requirements of our warehouse for large in and out flow. In terms of cost, the automated three-dimensional warehouse has realized the automation and intelligence of storage, reduced the number of personnel, correspondingly reduced labor intensity, thus saving our business costs. In terms of technology optimization, automated warehouses have helped our company realize the real-time entry and exit of goods, inventory control and delivery.

A reasonable automated three-dimensional warehouse management system can not only rationally allocate resources and improve the advanced nature of management, but also improve the economic benefits of the enterprise. As enterprises have increasingly higher requirements for the automation level of the manufacturing process, AGV has become an indispensable automation equipment in enterprises.


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