We are Together with You to Facing The Virus!

A spokesman for the World Health Organization confirmed that the number of confirmed new cases of pneumonia worldwide has exceeded 400,000. The rapidly spreading epidemic underscores the urgent need for joint global prevention and control.

Working together to curb the spread of the epidemic, it is imperative to form a global consensus that attaches great importance to the prevention and control of the epidemic, strengthen domestic and foreign coordination and coordination efficiency, and work together to build a fate-resistant community. Today, with the rapid development of globalization, the spread of viruses, regardless of country, region, and race, can not be partial and independent, and the idea that humankind is a community of destiny is becoming an international consensus.

Since the outbreak, China has adhered to the forefront of global epidemic prevention and control, effectively resisted the "first wave" of virus attacks worldwide, and injected confidence into the world. The WHO highly appreciates that China has taken the bravest, most flexible and most proactive prevention and control measures in history. China's resolute action in the national epidemic of the epidemic has won precious time for the world, and it has also explored effective solutions for various countries to fight the epidemic.

The epidemic is fierce, and it's always on. Our company has also adopted strict precautionary measures, and has been ensuring the normal operation of the production line since the resumption of work. Currently, we have sent more than 10,000 free masks to our partners. Hope everyone can get through this difficult time together! We are with you!

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