Spring Home Textile 245.84kw Photovoltaic Project

As we all know, after hydro and wind powers, photovoltaic(PV) is the third renewable energy source in terms of global capacity. A photovoltaic system employs solar panels, each comprising a number of solar cells, which generate electrical power. It is safe, green, and sustainable clean energy sources with zero emissions, zero pollution during power generation, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. So it can greatly reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

Spring Home Textile with two factories located in Huangshan, Anhui province, middle-east in China. We are specialized in home textile products including pillow, duvet, mattress topper, waterproof mattress protector, bedbug encasement and laminated fabric for more than ten years. Adhering to global eco friendly sustainable development is our eternal goal, and we have also passed BEPI certification. In order to respond to urban energy conservation and emission reduction plans and promote urban green power development, our company has established a 245.84kw distributed photovoltaic power generation project on the roof. The project covers an area of 1600m. It is estimated that the cumulative power generation in 25 years is about 6,760,600 kWh, which can save 888 tons of standard coal, reduce dust emissions by about 401.14 tons,  carbon dioxide about 5750.91 tons, sulfur dioxide about 437.91 tons, and nitrogen oxides 200.31 tons. Briefly speaking, photovoltaic power generation has a huge contribution to environmental protection. According to statistics, 5kW photovoltaic power plant is equivalent to planting 12 trees per year, then our 245.84kw photovoltaic power generation system is equivalent to planting 588 trees per year.

We strictly adhere to the BEPI criterion,and convinced that the sustainability of our business depends on our ability to operate well in the supply chain and integrate environmentalperformance into our business practices, so we will continue our eco friendlydevelopment strategy to provide our customers with more high quality products.

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