Sustainability in The Textile Industry: “Stay on the ball, or you’ll be left behind”

The textile industry must reconsider the way it uses raw materials: the problem will become more serious the more the global population grows. Alone the title which Michael Schragger, the CEO of The Sustainable Fashion Academy, chose for his lecture at the ISPO ACADEMY sounds frightening: “Innovation & Sustainability: Rethink or Die!” However, it’s meant to be.

To ensure long-term benefits for all, Spring Group integrated the SDGs into business models and strategies. The way we produce, (re)use and dispose of or recycle our materials has an impact on nearly every one of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Spring Home Textiles, as a textile company with the goal of sustainable development, we consume and produce responsibly and grow cotton, wool, wood and other natural raw materials more sustainably to meet the goals of “zero hunger” and “living on land”. Converting to renewable energy and deploying cleaner technologies in the fiber processing stages have a positive effect on the “Clean Water and Sanitation”, “Industries, Innovation and Infrastructure” and “Climate Action” goals. And designing out waste, keeping materials in use longer and regenerating farmland plays an important role in reducing carbon emissions, a major target of the “Climate Action” goal. The textile industry has a powerful opportunity to shift the needle in both producer and consumer contexts.

We’re all moving towards the same goal and that’s really the point of the sustainable development goals, and it does provide a framework.

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