Springcell™ is a product collection, incorporates phase-change material (PCM) into fiber and fabric,in regulating temperature to excellent body’s micro-climate, to optimum sleep comfort.

Like a battery charge and discharge, the PCM molecules absorb and release heat when temperature fluctuate.

Overview of Springcell™ Products:
// Springcell ™ Duvet & Pillows
// Springcell ™ Mattress Pad


  • Lifetime temperature control
  • Customized filling Combination
  • Available in different temp regulate performance

Why Choose Us

    We measure the performance by product energy capacity (Joule/㎡) -the maximum heat stored by PCMs. According to DSC-Analysis,energy capacity of Springcell™ is around 50-90 Joule/gram.

    To meet the individual requirements of customers, Springcell™ are available in 3  different Cell Zones with distinctive energy capacity. Cell Zone 4 is the minimum level in guarantee temperature  regulating performance. As an example, 4000 Joule equals to the quantity of heat that increase the temperature of 330 ml water by 3℃.