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For more than a decade, we have worked ceaselessly to further our research and developing innovative bedding products to improve your sleep experience. Today,the Spring product research team is constantly seeking new solutions for healthy and comfortable sleep. All of our bedding products are entirely customizable by size, style and functionality-give you the flexibility you need to fit your markets.

We are committed to quality. Our in-house QC system, which distinguishes us from other manufactures, ensures each piece to be perfectly made and well packaged. We take pride in each step of the process, from raw material checking, needle & cloth inspecting, washing tests, till package checking. Rest assured, our product will meet your high standards, as well as our own, time after time.

However, there is much more to Spring than quality products. We care about our employees and local community as much as our valued clients. We are proud to have increasingly number of workers being with us for more than ten years. We also feel pleased to offer opportunities so that local people doesn’t have to work far from hometown to get satisfied earnings. With more time staying with their families, they bring more passion and intelligence to the group. We know what our greatest asset is.

It’s been so nice to meet you. The pleasure is ours.

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Spring Home Textile

2004.6 Company found
in Huangshan

In the year 2004, we found our company in Huangshan. while industrialism was still in its infancy, we started investing in machinery for manufacturing advanced products. 
Company found

2005.11 Suggle bedding
was found

We expand our factory into Huangshan economic development zone and found Snuggle Bedding in producing various bedding products.
Suggle bedding

2007.2 "Spring" trademark
was registrated

We registrated our first version of "Spring" trademark in 2007.

2007.4 Star Hometextile Company
was found

We found our brand new Star Hometextile factory in specalising producing waterproof bedding products.
Star Hometextile Company

2010 Wool Mark

Our products meets international standard and was certified by Wool Mark Company in 2010.
Wool Mark

2011 Wining
"Rising Star Award"

Spring Hometextile was awarded the honorable "Rising Star Award"by CCB (China Construction Bank).

2012 Top Level

Spring Hometextile was awarded the honorable "Top Level Enterprise"by Anhui customs.
Top Level

2012 Top Ten
Exporting Company

For two consecutive years(2011-2012) Spring Hometextile was awarded the honorable Top Ten Exporting Company by city government.
Top Ten

2012.5 Flagship store

Our flagship store kick started at city center of Huangshan in 2015. This is our first taste of inbound offline business.
Flagship store

2012 Production of Xin'an
pillow serie

In 2012, the company developed XINAN pillow series.These were filled with natural raw materials which have beneficial health care andprotective functions.
Production of Xin'an

2012.10 Unveiling ceremony for
Spring Investment Group

The Spring Investment Group was found in October 2012. The signing and opening ceremony was successfully completed among the warm applause of all attending people.
Unveiling ceremony for

2013 Award as
Huangshan Famous Brand

Spring Hometexle was awarded the honorable Top Local Brand by city goverment.
Award as

2014.6 Ten years

We celebrate our ten years anniversary, and praise staff who made significant contribution.
Ten years


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