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Smartkool ®

Smartkool ®

Smartkool® fabric provides a cooling solution that goes beyond traditional moisture management fabrics. It derives its cooling function from its special cooling polymer yarn that mixing with heat conducting material- mica or polyethylene, rapidly dissipating the body’s excessive heat, accelerating moisture evaporation and cooling your body down. 

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) has extremely long chains of polyethylene, which all align in the same direction. Its molecular mass is up to 3.5-7.5million amu, which is far higher than polyester yarn with a molecular mass about 20000.

When used in fibers, the polymer chains can get a parallel orientation greater than 95% and a level of crystallinity from 39% to 75%.

With simple molecular structure, UHMWPE has some surface and chemical properties which are rarely found in other high-performance polymers. For example, Because its olefins don’t have polar groups, UHMWPE does not absorb water readily, nor moisture easily. This also makes it bonding to other polymers difficult. For the same reason, skin does not interact with it strongly, so the UHMWPE fiber is very slippery. Since UHMWPE does not contain chemical groups (such as esters, amides or hydroxylic groups), it is very resistant to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV radiation, and micro-organisms.

With high lever of crystallinity and molecular mass, UHMWPE yarn has better temperature conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat and realize ultra cooling effect. Featuring resistance to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV radiation, and micro-organisms, the UHMWPE fiber gives you more protection. 

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