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Energy efficient and productive Eton system

Spring has entered the new millennium as a diverse, vertically-integrated company, synonymous with consistent product quality, highly responsive service and product innovation. Our highly efficient, computerized operation provides custom engineered textile solutions for customers from diverse sectors. Our advanced machinery increases productivity radically, ensures an optimal working flow, and provides time for adding value to your products.


Now, our company has installed Eton system in our two factories. Eton Systems can help us to increase productivity, profitability and improve the workplace environment. Eton system has covered up to 60% of our manufacturer line, which eliminate manual transportation and minimize handling.

Due to less need for manual handling, improved lead times, improved ergonomics and substantially shorter though-put time, improvement in efficiency varies between 30-100%.

Enhancing production efficiency will not only have a substantial impact on profitability and improving cost efficiency. Due to this Eton system is ranked as the “Number one investment” by a Major University with a payback on implementation from 12-30 months on systems that will continue to produce and be profitable for the next 20-30 years.

The Eton Systems handling methods are based on ergonomics, since component pieces are brought directly to the machine and are then sent on automatically, operators experience less fatigue, fewer injuries, and less absenteeism. Eton Systems provide us to utilize our existing recourses in a much better way.

As a company, we wotking ceaselessly to further our research and debeloping innovative bedding products to improve you sleep experience.

As a manufacture, we are committed to quality.

As a organization, we care about our empolyees and local community as much as our value clients.

Thank you for reading, the pleasure is ours.

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