Mattresses and bedding are especially susceptible to dust mites, bacteria and molds. No wonder, because the body releases perspiration, fat and skin particles during sleep – creating an ideal breeding ground. Effective cleaning is scarcely possible, so the unwelcome guests can steadily reproduce, the allergen concentration (caused by household dust mites) increases sharply, and unpleasant odors develop.

The Smartfresh™ hygiene function puts an end to all that: for it is integrated into the mattresses or bedding materials and provides effective protection against bacteria, mites and molds. Those with asthma can breathe freely and rest assured once again.down.

Overview of Smartfresh® Products:
// Smartfresh® Protectors


  • Permanent antibacterial
  • Competitive price

How Smartfresh® Anti-Bacterial Treatment Works

    Smartfresh® anti-bacterial treatment inhabits the growth of bacteria arising daily use of home textiles, keeping fabrics long fresh. More specifically, Smartfresh® anti-bacterial treatment can be mix into the natural glue that bonding between fabric and membrane. Then it will puncture the cell membrane of bacteria to kill bacteria. After the bacteria are dead, they don’t produce smelly metabolites, keeping the freshness of fabrics.

    Due to bonding between fabric and membrane, it ‘s zero contact to skin and the function will never take away after times of wash. The home textiles treated with Smartfresh® anti-bacterial treatment keep that ‘just laundered’ feeling when being used regularly. Smartfresh® anti-bacterial treatment also reduce washing frequency of home textiles, saving cost and time and reducing environment pollution.