The Importance of A Good Pillow

An important factor for living a healthy life is getting an adequate amount of quality sleep. A key factor towards achieving this is having a good quality pillow. Pillows play an important role in your sleep and will have a considerable impact on your overall wellbeing.

I lost sleep last night because I didn’t find a comfortable pillow. I fell asleep late, and then woke up with a tingling sensation in the cervical spine. So I decided to buy a bamboo surround pillow from Spring Group.

The pillow is superior with the following features:

  • Natural, anti-bacterial, comfortable;
  • Absorbent & temperature regulation;
  • Supportive;
  • Customized various quilting shape.

Fabric: 40*40/100 100% cotton

customized quilting shape

Filling: layer1: bamboo fiber quilted layer

layer2: polyester fiber

Finish: self-piping, single stitch, 2.5cm gusset

A good pillow will not only improve the overall quality of your sleep but it can also help you avoid neck and back problems. So, don’t hesitate to prepare a comfortable pillow for yourself! Buy it right now.

Learn more: Or Spring Hometextile video channel:  Also can contact Tina at: [email protected]

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