Several Advises About Hotel Bedding

Hotel bedding for the hotel although only occupy a small share of investment, but it is directly related to the quality of consumers’ sleep experience, it is very important to a hotel.

Let’s talk about it from the following aspects.

  1. the choice of fabrics preferred pure cotton, although the silk is the most comfortable , but the silk is not easy to take care of , the second real silk is too expensive and there are many fake goods on the market, it is not easy to choose, the most important point is because the silk is not resistant to washing, and the hotel linen washes very frequent.
  2. selection of yarn and density.

Count, generally speaking, the larger the count, the finer the yarn.

The higher the yarn count, the finer the yarn is, so the higher the yarn count, the better fabric is.

Generally, there are 30 to 40 middle and low grade yarns on the market, and more than 60 yarns are high-grade yarns.

Is the density higher the better it is? According to the price, the higher the density is, the more expensive it is. But the higher the density is, the tighter the yarn is, and the harder it will be.

Therefore, when the number and density of yarn reach a perfect balance point, the cloth will be very soft and comfortable.

3, the choice of thickness

Do not only see the thickness, we pay attention to the thickness is generally concerned about the brightness, density, wear resistance, etc.

As previously stated, the higher the yarn count, the finer it is, and to a certain extent the thickness is inversely proportional to the number of yarn counts.

Choosing thick duvet cover for warmth is not necessary, because warmth basically depends on duvet, and duvet cover needs to be breathable, close-fitting

4, the choice of color

Many people wonder why most hotels are using white hotel linen, there are several reasons.

(1) Cleanliness, white even a little stain can be found at a glance.

It is convenient for customers to observe whether the hotel bedding is clean, and also convenient for customers to check out after the hotel.

(2) Fade, dyed hotel linen in the hotel under the high intensity of washing will certainly fade, a faded will show the old.

(3) Replenishment is convenient, dyed hotel linen replenishment is difficult, because the quantity is too small to buy the same

On the other hand, white ones are easier to restock.

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