Reversible Thermal Pillow

In the previous blog, we learned the importance of choosing a suitable pillow, and different filling pillows have different advantages.

Here I want to recommend one of our pillow which enjoy high popularity in the market. The reversible thermal pillow use different fabric in two sides. One side use Smartkool® cooling jacquard fabric, it can provide extra cooling, comfortable feeling. Another side is 3D embossed microfiber fabric, which has air flow surface and hypoallergenic. With 850g 3D Polyester filling, can give a suitable support. Since it sales well in market now, maybe you can also have a try. Place your order now, and get your market share in the coming peak season.

To find out more about our pillow manufacturer information and this item’s video, please visit our official blog: or or Spring Hometextile video channel:

If you want to know more about this item, or need a quotation from us, please contact Fiona to get a quick feedback at: [email protected]

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