Consider A Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Why is it called travel neck pillow? This pillow is made of a U shape that allows your neck to rest comfortably on top, and the memory pad inside can effectively support your neck, thus relieving your journey fatigue.

  • Memory foam pillows come in all shapes and sizes including an S-shaped version.
  • They provide good support, especially if you have neck, jaw, or shoulder problems.
  • They are long lasting and are good at forming to the contours of your head and neck.
  • High density is best in order to avoid the material breaking down.
  • Be aware that this material can make you hot, as it doesn’t “breathe.”So we often use bamboo fiber fabric as the case to ensure air permeability.
  • If you tend to move around a lot, these pillows may be uncomfortable since they take a bit of time to mold into different shapes.
  • A new memory foam pillow may have an unpleasant odor which will go away after a short while.

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