Protective Bedding Options for Hotels

Most inns and hotels have several requirements when considering the purchase of protective bedding.

Their bedding must be: luxurious and comfortable, affordable but long-lasting, waterproof, offering protection against spills and bodily fluids, able to prevent infestations such as dust mites and bedbugs, easily cleaned between users.

Protecting your mattresses doesn’t mean that they have to become uncomfortable. High-end hotels use breathable, polyurethane covers for most of their beds. Having spills or accidents ruin their expensive mattresses is not something that most innkeepers or hotel owners can afford. Because polyurethane covers are breathable and noiseless, most customers don’t realize that they are sleeping on them.

Polyurethane covers and pads surround three sides of the beds while encasements zipper on the mattress to cover all four sides and can also be used on box springs. These have skirted sides that expand to fit even the deepest mattresses. Both can be easily removed for laundering and offer protection from fluids and dust mites.

If economy is more important than comfort, vinyl mattress protection is also available. However, vinyl is not breathable and because body heat cannot dissipate, some users find that this type of mattress protection makes them feel warmer when they sleep.

Zippered vinyl encasements inexpensively provide total mattress coverage. These encasements also protect against bedbug infestations. For just a few dollars, your mattresses are totally protected and can be easily wiped with a disinfectant solution between users. Because sleeping directly on vinyl isn’t very comfortable, covering this with a mattress pad is recommended.

Protecting your costly investment and prolonging the life of your mattresses with inexpensive protective bedding makes good business sense.

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