Mattress Topper Classification

Mattress topper is a pad put above the mattress to improve the softness, the comfort and durability of your mattress. It is important bedroom furniture which supports your sleep and enhances your health.

Mattress topper is various in the market in diversified sizes, dimensions, materials, styles and prices. However, it is usually classified by materials. Mattress toppers come in plenty of material, of which are the most five common ones. They are memory foam, wool, down feather and fiber.

Each of these materials covers the best features and functions of a mattress topper, but also has its own defects. To choose the best mattress topper, we should at first have a basic knowledge about each type of mattress topper and know which type is best for your own needs. Now, let’s see what we have:

Memory foam mattress topper

With the development of memory foam technology in making domestic uses, the memory foam mattress topper is the most popular material in mattress topper manufacturing. A memory foam mattress topper is very effective in adding softness and comfort for the mattress. It has ability in contour the body of sleepers, helping improve the circulation of blood on entire body and eliminate the pressure points including head, shoulder, hip, toe, etc.

Especially, a feature that makes memory foam more outstanding than other ones is its function in reducing the toss and turn from other sleepers at night, helping you not be awake at the middle of night because of the movement of your bed companion.

A memory mattress topper is a perfect replacement for a memory mattress. Because a memory mattress is very expensive and not many people are able to afford it, they completely can purchase a memory mattress topper with all the best benefit of a memory mattress but much cheaper.

Feather mattress topper

Feather mattress topper is made from feather or down of goose or duck. The best feature of this type is its softening function. It is perfect for a firm mattress. Sleeping on a featherbed is like “on the cloud” because it is so fluffy, soft and super light in weight. Besides, it is also very great in regulating temperature. This material does not trap the heat, which help sleeper feel warm in winter and cool in hot summer.

Feather mattress topper is also pretty good in design. Its beautiful appearance will make your bedroom more luxurious and elegant.

However, feather mattress topper has a lot of disadvantage that you should consider. Firstly, it requires fluffing/shaking frequently to remain its comfort. Secondly, it doesn’t support a lot in lessening the body pains because of its poor ability in pressure point relief. It also cannot minimize the tossing and turning of your bedmate. And it gets a lot of complaints about how its thin density.

Wool mattress topper

Wool mattress topper is another 100% natural product. And as you know, a natural-made mattress topper is always great in softening and regulating heat functions. Wool topper is very effective in enhancing the fluffiness for a solid mattress. And thanks to the softness of wool topper, sleepers can lessen their existing backache and enjoy a sound deep sleep at night.

The fiber in wool topper can absorb the moisture from environment or the sleeper, which help to keep the topper always dry and airy. That’s why sleepers can feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

Since wool is 100% organic and non-chemical material, a wool mattress topper is hypoallergenic and toxic-free smells. So that sleepers can be safe from any chemicals and feel comfortable when sleeping.

However, unlike memory foam and latex topper, wool topper is not good in reducing the motion transfer when sleepers have bed partner. And it also requires shaking to keep its loft and comfort.

Fiber mattress topper

Fiber mattress topper is similar as featherbed in some points. It is also a perfect solution in supporting softness for a firm mattress. It can reduce the pressure points very well. And it has no chemical odor and it also work as a hypoallergenic resistance. It can control the body heat and air flow. Especially, it is as light as cloud.

However, like featherbed, fiber topper need to be shook or fluffed regularly to maintain its comfort. A lot of owners report that it becomes lumpy after washing by machine. And it does not help to reduce the motion transfer of your partner.

However, the fiber mattress topper offers the lowest ranges of price that everyone can afford.


Each material of mattress topper provides its own benefits which suite every individual need. If you are intend to purchase a mattress topper, you should determine what type of material is matching with your personal need (including body condition, your mattress, the environment, etc.), along with price and sometimes brands. A good choice will play a very important role in improving your quality of sleep and also enhancing your health.

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