Give You a Hotel Comfort Feeling

Have you ever slept in a hotel and wondered why you can’t have such a great sleep every night? Hotels carefully construct their rooms and beds to serve the comfort needs of guests in order to trick guests return to the hotel to get an amazing sleep again. As a hotel bedding supplier, we give some suggestions about how hotels construct beds to make them appealing to guests.The following are some simple choices can turn an ordinary bedroom into the ultimate comfort zone.

Stay White.

Studies show there are actually many health benefits of sleeping on pure white sheets. White sheets are calming and aid to achieving better night’s sleep. White is a symbol of luxury and you’ll feel more luxurious sleeping in a white bed. Choosing white bed linen is a surefire way to make your bedroom feel more like a weekend getaway.

The Perfect Duvet.

Get yourself a good duvet and duvet cover. Nowadays most  large chain hotels have switched to using duvets with duvet covers.

There are so many options of duvets available in our factory. A lot of our hotel clients purchase our 3D embossed microfiber duvet because it is extra comfort. It adds a touch of luxury to the room without a huge investment.

Mattress Topper

As we all know,usually mattresses are expensive. A mattress pad is a cheaper alternative to a mattress, however they are still great for a good nights sleep if you’re on a tight budget. When a mattress is getting old, the comfort level decreases significantly. To avoid losing comfort, try using a good fiber bed mattress topper which will provide added cushion and support.


Pillows make sleep of difference. The general rule for most hotels is to have about 4 pillows. You might only sleep on 1 pillow, but having a selection allows you to configure your pillows for maximum comfort. This will eliminate all those nights you spend tossing and turning when you just can’t find the right position to rest in.

Determine what kind of pillow you prefer. Do you prefer a soft pillow? Or is a firm pillow important for you to get a good sleep? Are you allergic and/or sensitive to down feathers? All these factors will play a role in determining the perfect pillow, however the most important factor is what position you prefer to sleep in. As for this question we have already discussed in previous blog.

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