It’s Time to Start A New Era of Mite-free Sleep!

It’s time to start a new era of mite-free sleep!

People spend a third of their time in bed every day, so the environment of the bed is very important. Odor, humidity, allergies, and mite bites can affect sleep quality.

How many of these common questions you are facing?

  • The pillow is yellow and mildewed;
  • The mattress is yellow with peculiar smell, and the spring is rusty and broken;
  • After changing the bed sheet and duvet cover, your skin still feels itchy.

Human body fat, dander, sweat, etc. are all food for mites, where there is food, there is life, so mites can accumulate and multiply in mattresses, pillows, and quilts, and the density of commonly used covers can’t stop them. This is why your skin will still get itchy after a while even if you change to a clean one. So we have to solve these problems from the root cause.

Have you heard about waterproof bedding products? A layer of TPU waterproof membrane is compounded on the reverse side of the fabric. The molecular gap of the waterproof membrane is smaller than water molecules and larger than gas molecules, so it can be waterproof and mite-proof, and it can also breathe and keep the skin dry. That’s right! Waterproof products can effectively block grease, dander, saliva, sweat, and urine produced by the human body, keep the mattress free from pollution, and at the same time isolate mites and cut off their food sources. The best suggestion is to put on a six-sided waterproof three-dimensional protective cover immediately after purchasing a new mattress, which will protect the mattress at the the beginning.

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