How to Choose A Baby Mattress?

Today I will take your talking about how to choose baby’s mattress. The following three points need to be considered when choosing.

happy child girl having fun jumps and plays bed

  1. Safety and environmental protection

The human body is in close contact with the mattress during sleep, and any harmful substances may cause incalculable damage to the baby. The material of the mattress must be healthy and free of radiation. Avoid buying low-quality three-no products for cheap.

  1. Strong support

The hardness of the mattress should be moderate, and good supporting force can ensure that the baby will not sink locally due to uneven distribution of gravity on the mattress, leading to bone development and deformation, causing spine problems.

  1. Refreshing and breathable

The good air permeability of the mattress can quickly dissipate the heat and water vapor generated by the human body during sleep, thereby ensuring the quality of sleep. In addition, the baby’s immune system is poor, so turn the mattress over and dry it every once in a while to avoid the growth of mites.

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