How to choose baby products?

Recently, news reports that babies have become big-headed dolls after using antibacterial cream. How much do you know about mother and baby products?

Baby products are professional health for special groups such as 0-3 year old babies. They are divided into complementary foods, toiletries, daily necessities and clothing, etc.

Today we will talk about baby bib and mattresses.

A small month-old baby is suitable for a baby bib tied around the neck. Although it is not waterproof, but enough to change and wash it; a slightly older baby is suitable for a 360-degree ring-shaped saliva towel, which has a sandwich on both sides, although it is not beautiful, but durable; the big baby can choose the triangle scarf, which is beautiful and soft, with a hidden button on the back, convenient and simple.

Many old people have such a traditional thinking concept: sleeping hard is good for the waist. Therefore, when choosing baby mattress, many parents will also consider harder materials.

In fact, there is no theoretical basis for this statement. If the mattress is hard and there is no pressure support at the waist, the child will sleep uncomfortably.  If it is not corrected in time, the spinal column will be deformed. Some people go the other way, choosing a very soft mattress is also wrong.

In the next blog, I will show you how to choose a baby mattress. Please look forward to it.

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