How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Pillow?

Different pregnancy pillows serve different purposes; hence, a pregnancy pillow can be picked only after you have ascertained your requirements. Following are the points you need to analyse before buying your pregnancy pillow.

  1. Can the cover of the pillow be removed and washed or changed?

Cleanliness is an important aspect to be kept in mind while the pregnancy is progressing. A lot of sweat is generated during pregnancy, and the pillow cover will absorb it. Having a removable pillow cover will allow you to keep the pillow clean and maintain hygiene.

  1. Identify the filling in the pillow:

One of the most popular fillings for a pillow, polyester fibre is soft and provides good support to the body. Styrofoam ball filling is cheaper than other variety of pillows, Pillows made up of this material are light and also filled with air, allowing them to adapt to your body contours easily to provide extra support and cushioning. Memory foam pillows are firm and take the shape of your body when slept on. They provide good support to the body and reduce body aches and pains. Buckwheat pillows are organic and decrease the chances of allergies and heat build-up. Buckwheat pillows are durable and can be used for more than a decade.

  1. Noise of the pillow:

Some pillows make an awkward noise when you move around on them. Pillows filled with styrofoam should be avoided if you are a light sleeper as they will make a noise.

  1. The degree of softness of the pillow:

Soft pillows should be avoided as they may not provide proper support. Firm pillows are better when it comes to giving support to the head and the body.

  1. Pillows to match body type and sleeping position:

Selection of pregnancy pillow also depends on the type of body and preferred sleeping position. C-shaped pillows are ideal for plus-sized women. Total petite body pillows are perfect for short women. There are many different types of pillows for those who sleep side-ways. U-shaped pillows are the best type of pillows for women pregnant with twins as the tummy is bigger and a larger pillow will offer better support.

After using a pillow, if you feel uncomfortable, you should discontinue its use immediately.

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