Factory Direct Warm Mattress Protector For You

In the previous blog, we introduced sanded fabrics. Sanded fabric is a kind of fabric with excellent warmth and comfort, which is very suitable for autumn and winter. There are many types of sanding, such as ordinary sanding, water sanding, carbon water brushing, etc. As well as sand skin sanding, such as all-polyester velvet, peach skin, and cotton italian velvet.

Today i want to share this velvet mattress protector and cotton fleece mattress protector for you.

Velvet Mattress Protector


Water proof, anti dust mite, washable, anti bacteria (optional), extra cooling (optional).

Product Details:

universal fitted skirt or elastic band

Soft and comfortable

Material: 200gsm velvet +0.02mm PU

Cotton Fleece Mattress Protector


Water proof, Anti dust mite, Washable, Anti bacteria (optional), Extra cooling (optional)

Product Details:

Universal fitted skirt or elastic band

Soft texture, abrasion resistance and wrinkle resistance

Fabric: 200gsm cotton fleece + 0.02mm PU

Learn more: https://www.springtextile.com/mattress-protectors/, also can contact Angel at:[email protected]

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