How to Use Different Types of Pregnancy Pillows?

There are several types of pregnancy pillows, and they come in different shapes and sizes. Each variety of pillow caters to a different set of needs.

Pregnancy wedge pillow: the smallest of the pregnancy pillow can be used during or post-pregnancy. It can be placed under the tummy or behind the back to provide the necessary support while sleeping on your stomach or sideways.

Full-length pregnancy pillow: These pregnancy pillows are long and provide a cushion to the entire body. These pillows offer comfort to the arms and legs and support the tummy. While this type of pillow is suitable to hug and embrace, it does not provide a significant amount of support to the back.

Total body pregnancy pillows: With a height of five to six inches, these pillows are perfect for women of any height. It is ideal to be used during the second trimester as it provides immense support to the spine and helps reduce hip and back pain.

C-shaped pillow: As the name indicates, the pillow is shaped like the letter C and provides support to the head, tummy, legs and back. This pillow is useful for those who like to sleep in a riding position. You can place your head on the top of the pillow and slide your back into the curve.

U-shaped pillow: The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is suitable for those who prefer sleeping on their back but cannot sleep in this position due to an increase in their belly size. It offers support to the entire body, including the tummy and the back. Usage is similar to C shaped pillows.

The pregnancy sleeping pillow is a convenient and useful accessory for women having body aches and back pains due to which getting a good night’s sleep becomes challenging.

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