Good dream can be got by one neck pillow

Now We are pleased to introduce one well-designed and natural new pillow—Double Feeling Pillow. There are several advantages about this pillow. Please see following:

Firstly, When you have slept, you will feel two sleeping feeling. One Side is ultra comfortable, because filling is used microfiber polyester, and it will help your neck. The other side is soft ,we use natural filling, so you can exchange to sleep and feel difference from the pillow. For example, when people finish work after one day, Tiredly feeling is coming, and people need one soft bed and soft pillow help us relax and sleep well. Secondly, New outside-shaped design, like two big triangle. Thirdly, It made by 100% cotton fabric. Nature fabric is better for body.

The double feeling pillow combines multi-functional and intelligent use of natural, renewable and recycled materials, and it use the principles of modern design. Do not miss one good pillow!

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