CleanMax Pro – Instant Deodorant Antibacterial Fabric

Life quality is improving, and the functional requirements for textile products are also getting higher and higher. Deodorization and antibacterial have always been a very important function pursued by clothing and home textile fabrics. At the same time, users also put forward higher requirements for the safety and durability of products. CleanMax Pro is the modification of cellulose fiber, cotton, hemp, natural fiber and other materials, through the reorganization and grafting of the molecular structure, so that it can play an unusual deodorant and antibacterial function.

Instantaneous deodorization

The modified product can quickly neutralize and decompose with a large number of odor molecules in a short time, eliminate odor molecules, and achieve the effect of instant deodorization.

Long lasting effect

Since the function of the molecular structure is combined at the raw material stage, no matter how it is used and washed, it will not affect the performance of the product.

Antibacterial and bacteriostatic

The modified fiber acquires the ion exchange function, absorbs water, and at the same time makes the living environment of bacteria unbalanced, also inhibits the respiration ability of bacteria. This technology can modify cotton, linen, viscose, tencel, modal and other fabrics to achieve the effect of instant deodorization and permanent antibacterial.

Applications of CleanMax Pro

Through the antibacterial and deodorization of fibers and textiles, it improves personal hygiene conditions, improves the quality of life, prevents the occurrence of odors and the harm of germs, and creates a comfortable life for human beings. Especially in the face of the progress of human material and cultural life and the arrival of an aging society, this need will be more urgent. This new type fabric fills the gap in the home textiles and clothing.

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