Smartkool ® Fabric-Cooling Pillowcase

Pillowcases made with cooling technology tend to be expensive, but springhometextile Cooling Pillowcases are affordable. They stand out for their double-sided design: one side is made with Smartkool ®fabric, a cooling, silky smooth material, while the other is made high elastic oxford belt. Smartkool ® Pillowcase keep your head dry and refreshed, designed to absorb body heat and cool you down, as well as reduce friction (similar to silk pillowcases), so you can stay comfortable and wake up without creases on your face and have a good sleep in summer.

Next, I will introduce the ingredients of this cooling pillowcase:

Fabric: 170gsm smartkool® fabric

Finish: over lock; one side with zipper

Design: high-quality zipper puller; high elastic oxford belt; customized sizes and color


Cooling fiber; smoothly

▽Reduce hot flashes; environmentally friendly

▽Natural; breathable; durable

▽Benefits to sensitive skin; Designed for people with allergies and fever

▽Easy care; machine washable; tumble dry at low temperature.

Learn more:,Or Spring Home textile video channel:,also can contact Angel at: [email protected].

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