Smartkool ® Fabric- Cooling Mattress Protector

Smartkool® fabric mattress protector good for hot sleepers. This mattress protector contains a dynamic cooling technology which interacts and responds with the body to reduce heat. The fabric cools as body temperatures rise at night to ensure a comfortable and deep nights sleep. Cooling Technology makes when it helps regulate your sleeping temperature. It’s like an air conditioner for your mattress!

Today, I will introduce the ingredients of this mattress protector, cooling is activated as the body temperature rises and deactivates once cooling is complete. It’s suitable for mattress up to a depth of 35cm.

Material: 170gsm/130gsm smartkool jersey +0.02mm PU

Design: universal fitted skirt or elastic band


  • Cooling fiber; smoothly
  • Reduce hot flashes; environmentally friendly
  • Natural; breathable; durable
  • Waterproof; anti dust mite; washable

If you are interested in our cooling mattress protector, please contact me!

Learn more:,Or Spring Home textile video channel:, also can contact Angel at: [email protected].


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