What is Pinsonic Quilted Mattress Protector?

Recent years, the pinsonic quilted mattress protector have a big market all around the world, its the fashion designs, nice patterns and economical price.

Then do you know why it is called pinsonic quilted mattress protector and how made? I will introduce.

Pinsonic quilted mattress protector is called because of the pinsonic machine-a rapid, efficient quilting machine that uses ultrasonic energy rather than conventional stitching techniques to joining fabric, middle filling and back fabrics together with nice patterns.

The ultrasonic vibrations generate localized heat by causing one piece of material to vibrate against the other at extremely high speed, resulting in a series of welds that fuse the materials together. So, you see, it is easy, for same material, same pattern. Pinsonic machine can make any pattern with same price.

Pinsonic quilted mattress protector is a wireless quilting pattern, which saves time and effort. It not only reduces work intensity, but also increases productivity. The most advantage is that the wireless quilting pattern is also particularly beautiful, which is loved by consumers.

So in the next blog, I will recommend spring hometextile’s pinsonic quilted mattress protector. Please look forward to it.

Learn more: https://www.springtextile.com/quilted-mattress-protectors/, also can contact Angel at:[email protected]

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