The Best Pillowcase for Your Skin

When we’re sleeping is the perfect time to let our skincare routine really work its magic. Every oil and serum we massage onto our faces needs overnight quiet time to really work its magic, and so what we rest our faces on every night is an important part of the overall process.

Your choice of pillowcase is a crucial factor in how effective your skincare routine is. So, which material is best to sleep on at night? We are big believers in the 100% linen.

Durable, anti-bacterial and easy to wash, linen pillowcases make the perfect bedfellows to catch the most beauty sleep. No harsh chemicals are used to craft or wash our bed linen, meaning that sleeping on our pillowcases won’t exacerbate sensitive or acne-prone skin. The absorbency and temperature-regulating technologies of the material prevent facial sweat and adjust to match body temperature, facilitating you to sleep unperturbed through the night and prevent breakouts simultaneously.

Ideally, it’s best to wash your pillowcases every two to three days—which sounds like a lot but think about how frequently you wash certain items of clothing and it won’t seem so over-the-top. Therefore, our linen pillowcases will be required to be washable. The abrasion resistance of linen fabric is 5 times that of cotton, and it will become softer every time it is washed, thus ensuring comfort for decades.

Linen blankets also have the same effect, and the matching use will bring you a high level of comfort. We allow you to customize the edging color of the blanket to meet the different aesthetic requirements of each person.

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