What is a medical draw sheet?

The first measure to prevent bedsore is to release the pressure intermittently. Turning over is the simplest and most effective way to relieve pressure and is the main content of clinical nursing work. At present, the application of the two-person, three-person turnaround method is a waste of human resources and also limits the work. Now today I will introduce this medical draw sheet.

A draw sheet is a small bed sheet placed crosswise over the middle of the bottom sheet of a mattress to cover the area between the person’s upper back and thighs, often used by medical professionals to move patients. It can be made of plastic, rubber, or cotton, and is about half the size of a regular sheet. It can be used in place of a mattress pad if a rubber mattress is used. The draw sheet used in clinically and patients are more willing to accept this method when it comes to very comfortable. The operator feels convenient,  labor-saving, time-saving and safe. The method of draw sheet can not only change the bed sheet, but also keep the bed clean.

The satin draw sheets are turned face up and placed in the middle of the bed. The non-moving areas on both sides of the sheet are placed on the edge of the mattress to prevent the patient from sliding off the bed. Draw sheets have existed and developed in nursing centers for several years. Function, quality, and comfort are the criteria for measuring the quality of turn-over sheets.

In the next blog, I will introduce the benefits of using draw sheet, stay tuned!

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