Benefits of Using Medical Draw Sheet

A draw sheet, also known as a lift sheet, is a sheet used in the medical industry to lift immobile patients from their beds. The medical draw sheet make operator feels convenient,  labor-saving, time-saving and safe. The method of draw sheet can not only change the bed sheet, but also keep the bed clean. Now I will introduce the benefits of using draw sheet for medical industry.

  • There’s little resistance, so moving about requires much less effort.

The moving area of the medical draw sheet provides a good support function. When getting on and off the bed, the non-moving edge area is folded and placed under the mattress, and is fixed on the bed by the patient’s own gravity.

  • Helps you move around in your bed more easily and comfortably, Helps maintain independence.

Use movement direction arrows for easy of use and placed on the edge of the mattress to prevent the patient from sliding off the bed.

  • A satiny, silky, slippery fabric square that helps you move around in bed.

Satiny, silky four-way fabric square lets you slide where you want to be and can the movement of oneself can grasp the edge of the mattress with feet or hands, reduce the workload of nursing staff.

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