What Are The Advantages of Coral Fleece Blankets?

Coral Fleece Blanket is a kind of commonly used bedding, which has the function of keeping warm. There are soft plush woolen fabrics on both sides, and the surface has rich plush, which has thermal insulation properties. The blanket can also be used as decorations such as bedspreads and tapestries. Mainly used as bed covers, air-conditioning quilts, sofa quilts, double as decorations such as bedspreads or tapestries.

  1. In winter, lying on it will make you forget all your worries and cold, and instantly enter a warm state, help you improve your sleep quality.
  2. Spring and autumn can be used as a thin quilt. It is soft without losing its warmth function, but it is close to the body but quite breathable.
  3. Comfortable and soft, the fiber is delicate, does not shed, warm and breathable, unique warmth retention performance.

Washing care

Coral fleece blankets are easy to stain and vacuum, so wash them frequently. The correct washing method is to soak in cold water for 30 minutes, and then put it in a neutral soap flake solution at 40~50℃, keep turning it, and avoid rubbing it too hard to prevent balling. Use clean water for 15 minutes, press out the water and let it dry naturally. When it is half dry, shake the blanket for a few minutes to loosen the fluff, and then continue to dry until it is dry.

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