Advantages of Waterproof Pillowcases

The pillowcase is often overlooked, yet it can significantly improve the comfort and longevity of your pillow. Natural materials and waterproof, protection against allergies.


Our pillowcase are 100 percent waterproof, shielding against bodily fluids, sweat, and other liquid threats. Some pillowcase make an awful crinkly sound that disrupts your sleep. However, our standard pillowcase is soft and noiseless.

Our Full Encasement Pillowcase¬† Like Regular Pillowcase Can’t: Normal covers are open ended, allowing irritants in, our zippered pillowcase wraps all sides of the pillow for better protection.

Designed to Help You Practice Good Sleep Hygiene: The dual layered design of our waterproof pillow protector shields against dirt, debris, moisture, perspiration, and any other irritants to keep your pillows and sleeping environment safe and healthy.

Breathable Waterproof Pillowcase Keep You Comfy and Cool: Designed with a unique protective membrane that allows for good airflow while keeping moisture out.

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