The Benefits of Using a Eye Mask at Night

There’s nothing worse than tossing and turning in bed as you struggle to fall asleep. Wearing a eye masks reduces the time spent laying awake in bed.

Scientific evidence suggests that eye masks, which cover your eyes while you sleep to block out ambient light, could help virtually anyone enjoy more restorative rest. We’ll take you through the research on eye masks benefits so you can choose. Three important reasons to use a eye masks at night.

1.  Improve your sleep and health

The research indicated that the use of eye masks and ear plugs led to more deeper quality sleep, that was less disrupted, with elevated melatonin levels. If you’re normally early to bed but become exposed to light, you’re not going to fall asleep at your normal time and could miss out on the benefits of sleeping early. Eye masks solve all these problems related to intrusive light, granting the total darkness you deserve for great sleep. By sitting directly over your eyes, they can create a pitch-black environment in the brightest of bedrooms.

2. Improves your skin

Eye masks can protect your skin and prevent puffiness. If you’re concerned about crow’s feet and other kinds of wrinkled skin around your eyes, certain eye masks possess anti-aging powers. It contains a protein called sericin which reduces the chance of any allergic reactions.

3. Help treat dry eyes and mitigate migraines

Eye masks provide a protective cocoon as you sleep, dry eyes are another source of pain that sleep masks can address – at least during the period of time that you spend in bed, allowing you to wake without irritation and provide the total darkness you crave when a migraine hits. When the only thing to do is crawl into bed, your mask will ensure that light doesn’t interfere with your recovery.

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