Tencel, The Fiber of the Mew Era

Tencel, known as the “green fiber of the 21st century”, suitable for spring and summer, comfortable like cotton, strong like polyester, cool like hemp and soft like silk.

Often compared with tencel, pure cotton fabrics are generally the first choice for people to buy home textiles and clothing because of their environmental protection, greenness, and good moisture absorption and heat release properties.

With the advantages of tencel fabric, it can be comparable to pure cotton, but many people are not very familiar with Tencel, then, let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of Tencel.

1) Environmental protection

The raw material of Tencel is 100% natural wood pulp. No chemical substances and environmental pollutants are produced during the manufacturing process. In addition, Tencel can be completely decomposed in the soil, non-toxic and non-polluting.

2) Comfortable

Tencel has excellent wet strength, that is to say, it will also ensure a certain toughness in a hot and humid state, which is stronger than other fibers. The surface roughness of Tencel is only 0.63, which is far lower than 3.46 of pure cotton, so Tencel will cause less damage to the skin, so there is Tencel mask.

3) Breathable

Tencel itself has good hygroscopicity and exothermicity. Tencel’s breathability can reach 1500, and it feels cool and delicate when it comes into contact with human skin, so Tencel fabric is suitable for use in spring and summer, it will become one of the people’s summer Rays of cool breeze. However, Tencel is more difficult to care than pure cotton and cannot be washed directly in a washing machine, otherwise it will easily damage Tencel’s fibers. The main reason is that there is no elasticity between the tencel fibrils, and it is easy to cause the outer layer of the fiber to break due to the mechanical external force.

If you want to use the washing machine, you can put it in the laundry bag and use a special detergent to wash in a weak state, but I don’t recommend the machine washing method!

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