Copper Infused Pillow


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Why did we introduced cutting edge copper ion technology into our Pillows? The benefits of copper infused pillow include skin enhancement and germ-killing properties. Copper is scientifically proven to help improve skin tone, skin texture, and skin wellness. ✔COPPER promotes the … Continue reading

Copper Infused Pillow – Make you have a good sleep all night


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Here’s a copper infused pillow which can help you get a good night’s sleep and have a good dream. Copper, as a magical mineral, carries a positive ion that is attracted to bacteria-killing it before it canreproduce. Because it’s also an amazing conductor of heat, it helps keep sleep environments cool by drawing heat away from the body. Our copper collection is infused with copper to deliver cool, clean and more healthful sleep. Permanently infused copper inhibit all bacterial that cause odors. Finish Details: Top fabric: 40*30/181*85, 15% copper infused polyester, 85% viscose fabric Filling: 40% copper fiber + 60% 3D polyester fiber Bottom fabric: … Continue reading