Milk Fiber Mattress Protector

Milk fiber also can be used to make bedding. 100% pure milk fiber flakes are fluffy and soft, warm and elastic, and soft and shiny. The milk fiber has three-dimensional multi-gap and the specific gravity is smaller than silk.

Milk fiber is a natural fiber extracted from milk. Milk fiber is the milk protein obtained by degreasing and dewatering liquid milk, plus softener to make milk slurry, and then through wet spinning technology and scientific treatment, spun into it. Milk protein fiber is further spun into milk silk that can be woven. It is soft and smooth, with elegant natural luster, and is the best partner for luxurious fashion.

  1. The softness and skin-friendliness are equal or better than cashmere;
  2. Good ventilation, good moisture conductivity, and good health;
  3. The warmth retention is close to cashmere, and the warmth retention is good;
  4. The abrasion resistance, pilling resistance, colorability and strength of milk velvet are better than cashmere;
  5. Because milk protein contains amino acids, the skin will not reject this fabric, which is quite the same as a layer of human skin, and has a protective effect on the skin.

The milk fiber mattress protector of Spring Home Textiles has the above characteristics and can bring you an unusual sleep experience. Why not try it?

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