How to clean the summer quilt of different fabrics?

According to statistics, people’s normal perspiration volume is 600-700ml 24 hours a day, and more in summer, sweat is easily absorbed by the bedding, especially the quilt, because it is filled, it should be cleaned regularly. The material of the summer quilt is different, and the washing and care are also different.

Cotton summer quilt

It can be washed with various soaps or detergents. It can be soaked in water for a few minutes during cleaning, but it should not be too long to avoid damage to the color.

Tencel Summer Quilt

Tencel is a plant fiber taken from European forests. It is suitable to be washed by hand or in a gentle roller mode. Brushing is not recommended. Use a neutral silk detergent. Try not to wring it after washing. All soft fabrics are recommended to be laid flat to dry and not exposed to the sun. Improper washing will cause “pilling.”

Silk summer cool quilt

For the summer cool silk fabric quilt, the quilt cover should be removed and washed separately. If the washing of the face cloth is slightly polluted, it can be washed gently with a small amount of water and ironed with an iron at low temperature.

Chemical fiber summer quilt

It is necessary to ensure that the chemical fiber fabric is cool in the summer and cannot be washed with hot water, so as not to damage its chemical fiber. Prevent the chemical fiber fabric from losing its flexibility and becoming stiff. First soak in the washing liquid for 15-20 minutes, select the “gentle mode” in the washing machine mode, and shake and flatten the quilt when drying to prevent the quilt from being shrunk.

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