How to Protect Your Hotel Mattresses

There are many things that make a hotel good or bad – and the quality of your mattress is, without a doubt, in the upper ranks of these things. Given its importance in your day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction, not to mention the cost at which you have acquired them, knowing how to protect your hotel mattresses is as important as knowing which ones to buy.

Here are some things you can do to protect your hotel mattresses against premature wear and tear:

Start with good furniture

One of the most common reasons that mattresses get damaged or fall into decline faster than they are supposed to is poor support. In finding a good bed, make sure that no part of the mattress sags at any point while it is occupied.

Invest in mattress protectors

If you’re looking for foolproof ways to protect your hotel mattresses easily and cost-effectively, look no further than mattress protectors. They provide much needed protection against spills, and also help prevent sweat and skin oil from penetrating your mattresses.

They are also great at filtering the amount of dust that your mattresses absorb, thus giving your mattresses a better fighting chance against wear and tear. You can’t stop your guests from having their breakfasts in bed, but you can make sure that their meals don’t leave an eternal mark on your mattresses.

Use high-quality bed linens

Quality linens provide another barrier to protect your mattresses against the combination of skin cells, hair, dust, skin oils, food crumbs and sweat to which your guests may subject to your hotel beds. High-quality linens should be able to prevent these things from going directly into your mattresses where they can harbor dangerous pathogens.

Wash your bed linens properly

Regular cleaning prevents accumulated dirt and debris from penetrating the mattresses while proper laundering increases the effectiveness of linens in keeping the integrity and quality of the mattresses.

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