How to Distinguish the Types of Dust-proof Bed Cover?

Bed Cover is home textile products in daily life, but there are different types of bed cover, which are divided into bed sheets, bed skirts, fitted sheets. How to distinguish these types?


The bed sheet refers to the bed sheet style used as a bed sheet, and it is the best-selling bed sheet style in the domestic market. This kind of bed sheet is actually a rectangle with a box-like design, which can cover the items under the bed and give the room a new look. Divided into right angle sheets, rounded corner sheets and European rounded corner sheets.

Bed Skirt

The bed skirt is a bed sheet with lace or skirt, and the two front corners are rounded. Some of these rounds are called ruffles, and some are called European bed skirts. It is installed around the bed, under the mattress.

Fitted Sheet

The shape of the fitted sheet is like a shower cap, which is put on the mattress and can cover the mattress very well to ensure that the mattress is clean, because the mattress is generally not easy to wash when it is dirty. Fitted sheets are more complicated than sheets, so the price of general fitted sheets is a little higher than that of ordinary sheets. The four corners of the fitted sheet have elastic, so it can wrap around the Simmons firmly without slipping. This kind of bed sheet is usually used in hotels.

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