How Important is the Right Pillow for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

The pillow has a great influence on the cervical spine, and the height is generally 10-15cm. There are many types of pillows, such as latex pillows, porcelain pillows, and health pillows. No matter what type of pillow, the height must be appropriate and within the normal range. A suitable pillow needs to be shaped particularly ideally. A bad pillow can lead to neck and back pain, chemical aggravations, and poor sleep. And a lack of quality sleep can lead to all sorts of health issues, not to mention the horrible feeling of trying to get through a day on little or bad sleep.

The best place to start making a good pillow is with the materials-not only what you put in the pillow, but also what you don’t put in the pillow. Our Go Flat Pillow,  we don’t use any harmful chemicals-

no pesticides

no artificial detergents

no fragrances

no polyurethane

no synthetic latex

no flame retardants

This ensures that our pillows won’t aggravate any chemical sensitivities and we avoid all of the harmful effects of man-made materials. A chemical-free pillow can also keep you healthy in less direct ways. Artificial materials require more processing, which means more greenhouse gas emissions, and synthetic pillows can release chemicals and dilution into rivers and oceans. Never go flat pillow is with some high loft baffle boxes, divided into individual cells along the top surface of the pillow for consistent support and cloud-like comfort.

A pillow might seem like a small part of your life, but getting the right pillow supports proper breathing, spine health, and restful sleep.

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