Advantages of TPE High Elastic Mattress Pad

In the previous blog, we briefly learned about TPE high-elastic mattresses. Today I will continue to show you the characteristics and functions of this material.

It is excellent with the following features of anti-static, anti-apnea, therapy, anti-snore, massage, ergonomic.


Home furniture like mattress and pillow pad

Product Advantage

  1. Design to help solve 4 common sleep problems: moving and turning, back support and alignment, partner movement and sagging.
  2. Diffuses the body’s pressure points for a more relaxed night’s sleep.
  3. Skin touch friendly, hygienic and allergy free.
  4. Breathable enough, self-ventilating and moisture regulating.

Therefore, This newest type of mattress  provides the best guarantee for healthy and comfortable sleeping environment as well as sweet sleep.

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