Factory Direct Tencel Bedding for You

In the last issue of the blog, we introduced the advantages and disadvantages of tencel. Today i want to share this tencel quilt and tencel jersey mattress protector for you.

1) Tencel Quilt


Anti-bacterial; Absorbent surface; Extra comfort; Washable

Product Details:

Case fabric: 40*40/133*72 tencel fabric

Fill: 120gsm 30%mint fiber+70% 3D fiber

Inner fabric: 30gsm non-woven fabric

Quilting shape: box + circle

Finish: inner stitch with loops on 4 corners

Size: 183*213cm

2) Tencel Jersey Mattress ProtectornDescription:

100% natural, natural anti-bacterial, absorbant & temperature regulation, silky-soft and smooth, noiseless

Product Details:

Universal fitted skirt or elastic band

Material: 110gsm tencel jersey + 0.02mm PU

Skirt: 75gsm polyester jersey

Protect against fluid, stains, dustmites, allergens.

Lab tested wash durability

Learn more: http: https://www.springtextile.com/sleep-natures/products-195.html, https://www.springtextile.com/tencel-mattress-protectors/products-167.html Also can contact Angel at:[email protected]

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