Do Mattress Encasements Work for Bed Bugs?

They’re called mattress encasements and yes, they do work. If you get the right kind of encasement and if it’s properly installed. A properly designed encasement completely envelops and seals the mattress and box spring, trapping bed bugs inside. Mattress encasements allow people to keep their infested beds.


Top, sides & bottom fabric :100gsm polyester jersey

Lamination: 0.02mm PU

Makeup: Overlock edge inside

Packing: PVC bag with a printed insert card


Three/four sides with zipper allows for easy removal for laundering

Six side water & dust mite proof

Wash durable

Fully protected zipper head design

Anti bacteria treatment(optional)

Extra cooling (optional)

For the family, this mattress cover protects your mattress from bed bugs in all directions, so it’s foolproof. For hoteliers, this all-round protective cover is also especially necessary. If the zipper is made into a 360°, easy take-off and take-on, so cleaning will be very easy and will not take up more time for hotel cleaners.

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