Choose The Best Training Pad for Your Pet

We know how difficult it can be when a dog isn’t potty trained, and that’s why Spring Hometextile created the signature washable puppy pee pads that are a boon to every dog owner! Excellent pet pad usually have the following characteristics.

Widely used — Big enough for your pet, also puppy and whelping training

Waterproof & Anti-scratch — 4 layers design with a special treated micro peach top and waterproof TPU backing.

Best in class absorption & Odor control — With quickly absorbs ability. High density inner layer and breathable waterproof TPU, ensures all night dry protection.

Anti slip — Customized anti slip plastic pattern on the back makes the pad not slippery everywhere.

Washable & Easy care — lab tested wash durability, guaranteed absorbency for up to 300 washes.

The washable puppy pads are the smartest way to go because they are the most cost effective, Eco-Friendly and most puppy friendly too.

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