Characteristics of Soybean Fiber Qiult

Soybean fiber is made of soybean protein. It has the soft feel of cashmere, the soft luster of silk, and is superior to cotton in terms of warmth retention and skin-friendliness. It is known as “the comfortable fiber of the new century”.

The advantages of soybean fiber quilts are as follows:

Environmental protection: soybean fiber is a kind of natural plant fiber, because it comes from plants, it will not pollute the environment. At the same time, there is no need to use chemicals and additives in the production process, thereby achieving the purpose of environmental protection.

Comfort: Soybean fiber has the characteristics of softness, breathability, moisture absorption, and quick drying, so it can bring people a good sense of comfort. This is one of the reasons why many people choose soybean fiber quilts.

Health: Soybean fiber quilts can inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, fungi and mites and other microorganisms, relieve asthma, eczema and other allergic symptoms, and are beneficial to human health.

Durability: Soybean fiber has good wear resistance and strength, so it is more durable than ordinary cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics, and can withstand long-term use and cleaning.

Diversity: Soybean fiber quilts can be produced according to different needs. Different techniques and processing methods can produce quilts with different styles, colors and textures, which is convenient for consumers to choose.

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