Biodegradable Mattress – Tri-fold Bamboo Fiber Mattress

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from widely produced bamboo and processed by a special high-tech process. Bamboo fiber is degradable and has no pollution to the environment after degradation, it is called environmental protection fiber. Bamboo fiber has high strength, good elasticity, good abrasion resistance and suspension, bamboo fiber can effectively block ultraviolet radiation to the human body, and will not cause any irritation to the skin. It is soft and smooth, and is known as the first choice fabric for home textiles.

The Tri-Fold Bamboo Mattress is perfect for soothing rest or relaxation. The breathable bamboo fiber inner core and air mesh on the sides and bottom feel absolutely heavenly, giving your body plenty of support. It’s collapsible, which means it can be easily stored away and instantly unfolds into a convenient overnight bed. Even better, it doubles as an sofa mattress for your leisurely use. The cover is removable and washable for complete hygiene. Folding mattresses are perfect for both adults and children.


Tri-fold design of the mattress is easy to carry, space-saving, perfect for camping, yoga, sofa bed, guest bed, RV mattresses.

Natural bamboo fiber helps keep skin comfortable and dry, promotes blood circulation and metabolism; relieves fatigue.

Extremely durable, breathable, eco-friendly and degradable.

Out cover is mesh fabric, which has good heat dissipation, with zipper design, easy to take off and machine wash.

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